Ceramic Random Packing

Composition: SiO2: >70%,Al2O3: 23-30%, Fe2O3: <1%, CaO: <1-2%, K2O+Na2O: <2-4%


Other specifications per customers’ request are also available.


A very useful mass transfer media with significant advantages of acid-& heat-resistance. It is widely used in various towers in chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries, such as drying tower, absorbing tower and cooling tower, etc.


  • High mechanical strength and high abrasion resistance
  • Low water absorption (≤0.5%)
  • High-pressure and high-temperatures resistance
  • High chemical stability (anti-acid: ≥99.8%; anti-alkali: 94%)
  • Resistance to the corrosion of organic dissolvent, some alkali and almost all kinds of acids (organic and inorganic acid) except HF acid