Medium Density Ceramic Proppants



FineWay Medium Density Ceramic  Proppant  is designed for  moderate/deep  wells  with  closure  stresses  of  up  to 14,000 psi. Demonstrating  superior  long- term  conductivity, high  flow  capacity,  and  affordable  cost,  FineWay’s  medium density  proppant  supports  consistently  high  production  rates.


  • Chemically inert and stable  properties: Will  not react  with most fracturing  fluids.
  • High mechanical  strength:  Excellent  performance  with  stress  of 14,000psi  and  above.
  • Superior conductivity : Maintains high flow capacity for sustained well  productivity.
  • Cost competitive
  • Standard mesh  sizes:  20/40,  30/50,  and  40/70.
  • Custom mesh sizes  (i.e. 25/35 mesh) available upon request to  enable  an  engineered  solution  for  each  completion


Product  Description

Reference  Physical  and  Chemical  Properties


Long  Term  Conductivity  and  Permeability

mid_density_chart1 mid_density_chart2