New Supporting Agents


FineWay PX Support

A kind of new catalytic net nest protection agents used in fixed bed reactors. It looks like a slotted sphere with a through hole in the center, wherein slots are uniformly spread in the surface of the sphere.
Increased void fraction by 30% than traditional ceramic balls
High strength
Low drop pressure
Low bulk density

FineWay PM Support

This gear shaped design can improve device’s loading capacity and edgewise compressible strength. Its petals and axle pore also help increase void fraction and decrease pressure drop at catalyst bed.
Increased void fraction by 20% than traditional ceramic balls
Decreased 50% pressure dropcomparing to traditional ceramic balls
Fewer layers required to retain catalyst bed

FineWay PW Support

With a honeycomb structure, it creates a better dispersion rate and uniform distribution of gas or fluid flow.
Increased void fraction by 70% than traditional ceramic balls
Large surface area
High mass transfer efficiency
Low pressure drop
Better protecting catalyst and downstream equipment for filtering and absorbing impurities in furnaces.