fineway Ceramics Manufacturing


Development strategy

  • Research and Development: Applied Material Innovations to improve productivity and to reduce cost for the end user.
  • Global manufacturing and technology network: Wide range of material sources and lowest possible conversion cost, with robust quality management systems built in from inception.
  • Expertise in ceramic alloys: Manufacturing methods and optimization of material properties.


Production Strategy

  • Multiple manufacturing partners aligned with each technology family.
  • Realize synergies wherever possible to find efficiency across product lines.
  • Low overhead, which ensures lowest possible product cost.
  • Efficient supply chain network, enables “the best in the world” to get to “the rest of the world” quickly and inexpensively.
  • Manage quality programs at source plant (make product right first time).


Supply Chain Strategy

FineWay is committed to providing great service and products to our customers. We realize this commitment requires reliable, stable, and agile logistics strategies, which is why we stand by it.

FineWay’s logistics network is built upon long term commitments with all links in the supply chain, including transloading and storage partners in the major plays.

On behalf of our customers, we work these relationships to minimize all costs, including the last-mile.


Quality Assurance

  • FineWay’s engineered ceramics are tested and conform to the API/ISO requirements.
  • Our “Right the First Time” policy, drives control, verification and feedback into every manufacturing process.
  • It is FineWay’s policy to confirm the customer’s technical requirements before each order and maintain up to date copies at all engineering and production locations. We require the same from our suppliers.
  • We partner with our manufacturing plants to maintain integrated traceability by bag, and by lot, for each shipment. This level of detail enables targeted continuous improvement programs.