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Fineway Ceramics is a leading producer of advanced technical ceramics including silicon nitride, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, zirconia, and alumina.  Our advanced ceramic products have a wide application in various industries, such as the oil & gas, molten metal handling, mechanical, mineral processing, automotive and thermal processing industry.

No matter you need strong impact or wear resistance, high hardness and toughness, improved chemical and thermal stability, low thermal expansion rates or high temperature resistance– We Can Deliver.

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Purpose and Values:

Our Purpose:

To be the most customer preferred ceramic company.

Our Values:

Commitment: Build strong partnerships that consistently deliver value to our customers.

Excellence: Do great things with the gifts we have been given.

Innovation: Stay hungry for breakthrough ideas; Attract and keep the best talent.

Humble generosity:  Give back as the business grows.

Integrity:  Tell the truth and live up to our commitments.


Ethics/Business Conduct Policy

FineWay’s people will:

Avoid the intent and appearance of unethical practices in relationships, actions and communications.

Refuse to do the following:  Accept gifts of other than nominal value, or any special  treatment from present or potential suppliers that might influence purchasing decisions.

Refuse to make agreements that restrain competition.

Lead with truthfulness, courtesy, respect, courage, honor and a servant’s heart in all business relations.

We hold ourselves to these standards and only do business with contractors and suppliers who demonstrate the same standards in their work.


Management Team

Budong Yang
Budong Yang President
Budong Yang is the founder of FineWay and Floway. Budong brings over twenty years of experience in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing and Business Development, while focusing on ceramics and materials development.
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